Voting in Washington

Voting in Washington

Learn how voting works in Washington State. WA Secretary of State Kim Wyman discusses the history of the voting process, how the system currently works in Washington, and the challenges elections officials face in our state.

Discussion Questions:

  • Who was Emma Smith Devoe? What role did she play in Washington voting rights?
  • What is an intitative? What are the two types of initiatives?
  • Explain the referendum process in Washington State.
  • What requirements must be met in order to vote in Washington?
  • Describe the 4-year voting cycle and the changes in voter participation, as described by Secretary of State Wyman.
  • What does the information graphic say about youth voter participation in 2010?
  • What reasons have voters given for not voting? Do you think these are good reasons for not voting? Why or why not?
  • According to Secretary of State Wyman, how can voting make a difference in our state?


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