Lesson Plans

Looking for civics lesson plans that are easy to scaffold for your students? Teach with TVW’s curricula is appropriate for both middle and high school students, it can be tailored by teachers to fit most any class, and it engages students in the issues that affect their daily lives.


Teach with TVW's Capitol Classroom PLUS

Our most comprehensive curriculum offering, Capitol Classroom+ delivers 5 – 7 week units that provide guided tours of the Legislative process, allowing teachers to engage students in the legislative process at any time of the year. Each unit consists of online video content streams that include a teacher and lobbyist team tracking an actual bill, condensed public hearings and executive sessions, interviews with pro and con stakeholders, Civics 101 in 120 sec. covering the structure of the legislative process, and the Legislative Navigator explaining how to engage in it. Check out a EXAMPLE from our Capitol Classroom+ Firearms civics unit.

Teach with TVW Civic Modules teach key aspects of Washington State civics and government in short explainer videos. Dozens of five minute videos (SAMPLE) cover everything from “the structure of State government and the balance of power” to “how to sign up and testify before a committee” to “what role does the Governor play in state politics?”

Follow the 2024 Elections live as TVW covers the Washington candidates for the Nine Executive Branch Statewide Offices. Learn what role these offices play in Washington State politics and about the candidates who are running to hold these important roles. Additionally, using TVW’s primary sources coverage, debates, and field reports, students will learn how election rules influence strategy and ultimately voter choices. The Election Teacher’s Guide and Student Notebooks will be released in September and will introduce students to the resources for becoming an informed voter. You can see a SAMPLE curriculum map for the Statewide Electeds.

During the 2023 Legislative Session, Legislative Pages, students 14-16 years old, researched important issues and brought questions to Democratic and Republican leadership, getting you both sides of the issues. From Climate Change to Transportation, each 5-7 minute video is accompanied by short, 20 min lesson plans (SAMPLE) that include discussion questions, activities, and further research opportunities. Engage your students with information about issues they care about while also learning about the role legislators play in the State.

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