Firearms 2023 Curriculum Kit

Here, educators will find 2023 Capitol Classroom PLUS content condensed into a seven week Curriculum Kit, complete with formatted, easy to follow lesson plans.  Each week requires only 1-2 class periods to complete the entire curriculum map. Each lesson plan comes with both a Curriculum Guide and a Student Notebook.

The kit follows a Firearms Bill addressing firearms accountability, from its introduction in the 2023 Legislative Session. Educators will find videos of session content, explanations about the legislation from a dedicated volunteer lobbyist, and interviews with stakeholders all collated into a streamlined version without many of the unexpected twists and turns that the legislative session often entails.

By using this curriculum, students learn not only how legislation is passed in Washington State but also how members of the community can become involved. There are suggested discussion questions for each video, classroom activities, and options for summative assessments that engage students in their local community by examining the effects of this new legislation.

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