Teach with TVW offers updated curriculum and videos to understand the nine statewide elected offices, the candidates running for them, and the role of political parties – all through the lens of today’s current issues. Additionally, students will learn about the ever important Office of the Citizen: voting in Washington State, the path of the ballot, the importance of election security, and how to watch a televised debate.  All delivered in short explainer videos, supported by concise lesson plans.


As the 2024 election cycle begins, Teach With TVW is underway posting Elections Explained reports from the field with supporting lesson plans, study guides and student workbooks for teaching Elections in the Fall.

Stay tuned for our coverage of the Democratic State Convention in June!


In this quick 7 min video, University of Washington Professor, Matt McGarrity, teaches the debate technique known as “flowing” and emphasizes to voters the importance of taking notes when watching televised debates.

As the General Election approaches, On The Issues – Election Edition will get underway covering issues important to the races for Governor, Attorney General, Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Commissioner of Public Lands.

From the Governor to the State Auditor, all 9 seats of the executive branch are up for election every 4 years. These 40 min lesson plans (Curriculum Map) are designed to be used as written OR, teachers can use them part-and-parcel and choose the components that work best for their students and classroom time.

TVW is Washington State’s key primary source for gavel to gavel coverage of state government and the courts, televising and archiving the major political conventions, the legislative session, producing the Video Voter’s Guide, as well as producing in-depth interviews with state leaders. All of our curricula introduces this resource to students and incorporates topic relevant selections from TVW coverage.

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