The Washington State Constitution

The Washington State Constitution

Learn about the history and function of the Washington State Constitution. Professor Hugh Spitzer discusses the ways in which the WA Constitution reflects the special concerns of its framers and the aspects that make it unique among state constitutions.

Discussion Topics:

  • When was the Washington State Constitution created, and why?
  • Who were the framers of the WA Constitution?
  • According to Professor Spitzer, what were the “special concerns” of the framers of the WA Constitution? How were these concerns reflected in the WA State Constitution?
  • What does Professor Spitzer say are the two main purposes of the WA State Constitution?
  • Describe some of the differences between the WA State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.
  • Why are there nine independently-elected officials in WA’s executive branch? List these officials.
  • Why does the WA Constitution limit legislation to a single topic? How does this provision reflect the concerns of the framers?
  • According to Professor Spitzer, what provision makes WA’s Constitution unique among state constitutions?
  • How has the WA Constitution changed over time?


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