A Bill’s Journey

Follow the life of a bill through the legislative process

The bill pages (linked below) show the elements and events in a bill’s life as it progresses from introduction into law. 

You will see key documents and video that teachers and their volunteer lobbyists use in the Capitol Classroom program. These resources from the public record introduce students to the tools of civic action and help drive meaningful discussion around issues and the legislative process.

Here are links to a couple of bills followed by students in the 2022 legislative session:

  • HB 1705Concerning ghost guns.
  • HB 1834Concerning student excused absences for mental health reasons.

Here is a link to the Capital Gains Tax SB 5096 as it passed through the Legislature in the 2021 session:

  • SB 5096 – Concerning an excise tax on gains from the sale or exchange of certain capital assets.

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