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Teach With TVW provides civics resources for Washington State social studies teachers. Our short explainer videos provide Washington State middle school and high school teachers with the tools to teach key aspects of Washington state civics and government, and include curriculum on statewide elections. Dozens of five-minute videos cover everything from the structure of our State government to the balance of power and how to sign up and testify before a committee.

Civics in the classroom

We offer FREE interactive civics programs for teachers to engage students with their state government. Teach with TVW is a free online resource provided by TVW to prepare the next generation of civic leaders and engaged citizens.

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TVW’s experiential civic education program lets students participate directly in the state legislative process via Zoom.

Students across Washington state join in a live Q&A via Zoom with journalists, elected officials and state leaders.
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Looking for civics lesson plans that are easy to scaffold for your students? Teachers can tailor Teach with TVW’s curricula to fit most any middle school or high school class. Our lesson plans engage students in the issues that affect their daily lives.

WA Civics Curriculum
Legislative Process Lesson Plans
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TVW follows the election cycle explaining the role of political parties, elected offices, and how to be an informed voter.
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Students research and bring challenging questions on issues of the day for Democrat and Republican leadership to answer.

Our Emmy® award winning documentaries and civics modules help students understand how state government works and get a deeper look into issues effecting Washington.

Teach With TVW documentaries

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Interactive government programs for Washington State schools

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