On The Issues – Law Enforcement Lesson Plan

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This lesson plan for middle and high school civics focuses on the current issues of staffing shortages and police pursuits in law enforcement. During the 2024 session, Legislative Pages (students ages 14-16) had the opportunity to
interview legislators from both the Majority party and the Minority party about issues of interest.
In this lesson, students will learn about where the Majority Party, currently the Democrats, and
the Minority Party, currently the Republicans, stand on two important policies surrounding Law
Enforcement: staffing shortages and police pursuits.

Essential Questions

  • How do the beliefs of those in the majority party differ from those in the minority party?
  • To what extent is there bipartisanship in the Washington State Legislature?
  • How is Washington State addressing safety concerns in Law Enforcement?

20 minute Law Enforcement Lesson Plan

Want to give your students a deeper dive into the Legislative Committee process?

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