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  1. Q – Why can’t I view video on TVW’s site, or why am I only getting black for videos?

    A – TVW utilizes Adobe Flash Player for playback of videos and to utilize our more advanced video features. If you’re using a desktop computer or laptop, make sure you have Adobe Flash version 10 or higher installed. You can check your flash player version on Adobe’s site here, and download the latest version here. Additionally, some hearings that TVW covers do not have video coverage for them. In this case, the audio will be streamed to your browser automatically.

  2. Q – What kind of Internet connection do I need to view TVW content?

    A –We recommend any broadband connection with a speed of 512Kbps or higher. Cable / DSL / Fiber Optic internet connections at home almost all support this speed. Most business have connections that well exceed this. Our videos stream at a rate of approximately 350Kbps. For dialup users, there is the option of streaming audio-only, which is streamed at a rate of 32Kbps, optimized to stream properly on a 56K connection. If your video plays back slow or jerky, there may be too many people in your organization streaming at once for the speed of your connection.

  3. Q – Does the content TVW provides cost anything?

    A – No, all streaming content on the TVW website is provided to the public free of charge.

  4. Q- I am an I.T. support person or administrator from a State/City/Federal agency or from a corporation and am having trouble with my clients connecting to TVW’s webcasts or downloading podcasts.

    A- Please call us directly at 360.725.3999 and ask for our I.T. department and we can assist you.

  5. Q – Can I get an audio, transcript or videotape of an event?

    A – TVW makes DVDs of all events it covers available for purchase. Audiotapes and transcripts of programs are not available, but the audio of all TVW events is available streaming at TVW’s website (

  6. Q – I am receiving an error message stating “The Requested File cannot be found.” – What do I do?

    A – We make every attempt to put notification audio of the future live events status but if you are receiving this error and not getting our status message, this probably means that the event hasn’t yet started. LIVE events are often delayed several minutes after their posted start times due to circumstances beyond our control. Simply wait a few minutes and try the link again. If you receive this message while attempting to access an archived event, please wait 30 minutes from the ending of a live event and try your request again. There is a good chance that the event has been moved to our archive server and it usually takes about 30 minutes for the website to update with changes. If it is well past the events air time or you still cannot access an event after this time period, please e-mail with a short note informing us of the problem and the event you were trying to access when the error occurred.

  7. Q – Why can’t I record content from the TVW website?

    A – Capturing, copying, or redistribution of TVW content is explicitly prohibited by our Copyright Policy. There are exceptions to the use of TVW content, so individuals interested in using such content should consult this policy before using TVW content.

  8. Q – How do I find LIVE programming?

    A – All live programming (including Webcast only events) is featured on our LIVE Programming. Click here to see complete LIVE listings for TVW, updated daily.

  9. Q – What if I have a question that is not answered here?

    A – TVW Technical Support is available to answer all your website related questions. Simply contact us.

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