SB 5242 –

Supporting media literacy and digital citizenship.

In the Media:

TVW’s Inside Olympia – February 11th, 2021

In the social media era, is it time for students to be taught media literacy and digital citizenship? We talk with two senators who have a bill to do just that: Sens. Marko Liias and Shelly Short.  Inside Olympia is TVW’s in-depth interview program. We bring the governor, state legislators, and other state elected officials and leaders into our studio for unedited conversations about the top issues of the day.

TVW’s Legislative Week in Review – February 19th 2021

Host Angela Nolasco discusses the Public Hearing on SB 5242 in this 5-minute segment. Legislative Review is a show produced by TVW to provide daily highlights during the legislative session.

TVW Primary Source Footage:

Executive Session in House Education Committee on SB 5242 – March 25th, 2021

Executive Session is when a Committee holds a vote on a bill to move it out of committee. It is also an opportunity for Legislators to weigh in on any concerns they may have with the bill and share how they intend to vote and why.

  • Executive Sessions are when amendments are debated and bills are voted “Do Pass” out of committee onto the Ways and Means Committee or the the Rules Committee.
  • The 12-minute Executive Session on SB 5242 Starts at 00:51:08

Public Hearing before the House Education Committee on SB 5242 – March 19th, 2021

  • Public Testimony is an excellent glimpse at all of the different ‘stakeholders’ that may be effected by a bill if it were to pass.
  • Public Hearing on SB 5242 begins with Staff Briefing at 00:31:37 (duration 1hr 15min)
  • Public Testimony begins at 00:39:30 (32 min)

Senate Floor Debate – March 3rd 2021

Legislators provide their final opinions, support and opposition to SB 5242 before it begins its journey in the House Chamber.

  • Floor Debate on Final Passage is an excellent way to hear the most prominent arguments for and against a Bill.
  • The 10-minute debate on ‘Final Passage’ begins at 02:08:34

Public Hearing before the Senate Early Learning & K-12 Education Committee – January 25th 2021

Hear your fellow citizens giving public testimony for and against SB 5242 – How does this inform your stance on the bill?

  • Public Testimony provides an excellent glimpse at all of the different ‘stakeholders’ that may be effected by a bill if it were to pass.
  • The Public Hearing begins with a Staff Report followed by Public Testimony lead by the Prime Sponsor of the Bill.
  • 35 minute Public Hearing on SB 5242

Track all SB 5242 related activity at the Legislative website here.

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