Practical Guides from Capitol Classroom

Practical Guides

How to email a committee as a group
Writing to a Fiscal Committee
How do I sign up to testify?
See student testimony in action!
How to get a bill sponsored
My bill is sponsored, now what?
How to find a bill on
Odle Middle School Testifies!
SSB / 2SSB / E2SSB – Huh?
Floor Order of Consideration
3 Budgets Explained

Strategy and Process

To Concur or Not to Concur?
Perfect vs Good
The 5 o’clock Bill
Politics and Policy
Who is the Staffer?
The Committee Process
The Power of the Minority
The Importance of Definitions
What is a Companion Bill?
Why Kill a Bill?
The Goal vs The Means
Caucus & Leadership
The Null & Void Clause
3 Dimensional Chess

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