Teach With TVW: Participating in the Legislative Process

Learn how to effectively participate in Washington State’s legislative process, including how to connect with state legislators, how to testify before a legislative committee, and why Washington is said to have an “open” legislature.

Discussion questions:

  • What are some ways in which citizens can provide input to legislators?
  • According to contract lobbyist Nick Federici, what are two important first steps to participating in the legislative process?
  • When does Mr. Federici say is the best time to connect with busy legislators?
  • What are legislative assistants and what roles do they play?
  • Why does Mr. Federici say that it’s important to get to know your legislator? What are some ways to do that?
  • What are some ways to be effective when testifying before committee?
  • How can one participate in the legislative process without traveling to Olympia?
  • According to Mr. Federici, what are the “three P’s” for meeting with legislators?
  • Why is Washington said to have an “open” legislature?


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