Legislative Process Curricula

The Legislative Process Curriculums provide educators with Capitol Classroom PLUS content condensed into a seven week Curriculum Kit, complete with formatted, easy to follow lesson plans. By dedicating 1-2 class periods a week, classes can complete the entire curriculum map. Each lesson plan comes with both a Curriculum Guide and a Student Notebook, filled with short videos, discussion questions, and activities.

Compelling Questions:

  • To what extent does active participation in the legislative process help create positive change in Washington State? 
  • How does bipartisanship help or hinder the legislative process? 

Sample of a 7 week curriculum:

Organizing Concepts: legislative process, exploration of social issues and perspectives, citizen action, lobbying, transparency.

Grade Level Standards: 

  • 6th – 8th
    • C2.6-8. 2 Distinguish the structure, organization, powers, and limits of government at the local, state, and tribal levels.
    • C4.6-8.3 Employ strategies for civic involvement that ad­dress a state or local issue.
  • 9th – 12th
    • C2.11-12.1 Analyze citizens’ and institutions’ effectiveness in addressing social and political problems at the local, state, tribal, national and/or international level.
    • C4.11-12.2 Analyze and evaluate ways of influencing local, state, and national governments and international organizations to establish or preserve individual rights and/or promote the common good.

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