Concerning the sale of cosmetics tested on animals.

In the Media:

TVW’s Legislative Week in Review – January 21, 2022

Host Angela Nolasco recaps the Public hearing on HB 1615 in the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business in this 1 minute clip.

Legislative Review is a show produced by TVW to provide daily highlights during the legislative session.

TVW Primary Source Footage:

Public hearing before the House Consumer Protection & Business Committee –
January 17, 2022

Public testimony before legislative committees provides an opportunity to hear your fellow citizens testifying for or against HB 1615  – How does this inform your stance on the bill?

  • Staff Briefing on HB 1615 2 min
    • Staff briefing provides background on the bill and describes its scope and intent.
  • Bill Sponsor introduction 1 min
    • The bill’s sponsor is the primary advocate for the bill, this is an opportunity for them to help frame the bill and make their statement in support of it.
  • Full Public Testimonies 15 min
    • Public Testimony provides an excellent glimpse at the many different ‘stakeholders’ who may be affected by a bill if it were to pass.
    • NOTE: This bill had no opposing testimonies

Full Public Hearing on HB 1615 – 21 min

Executive action in the House Committee on Consumer Protection & Business – January 19th, 2022

Executive Action is when a committee holds a vote on a bill to move it out of committee. It is also an opportunity for legislators to weigh in on any concerns they may have with the bill and share how they intend to vote and why.

  • Session opens with the introduction and vote on amendments to HB 1615. 2 min
    • This is an opportunity for the full committee to review and comment for or against proposed amendments
  • Sponsor makes her argument for supporting the bill as amended. 1 min
    • This is another opportunity for the bill’s sponsor to frame the argument for a yes vote on the bill (after amendments) before the final vote on whether or not to move the bill as amended out of committee.
  • Committee member makes a statement against passing the bill out of committee 1 min
    • Often committee members will take a moment to make a statement regarding the vote they are about to cast.
  • Final vote 2 min

Full Session on SHB 1615 – 5 min

Public Hearing in the Senate Committee on Law & Justice – February 17th, 2022

Full Public Testimony 11 min:

Executive Action in the Senate Law & Justice Committee – February 24th, 2022

Often committee meetings break up the final passage of the bills in two parts. The first part is to introduce all the bills on the agenda, then in the second half of the meeting each bill is worked though one by one, debating and voting on its amendments and ‘Final Passage’ with a ‘Roll Call Vote’.

Bill Introduction:

Final Passage:

  • Roll Call Vote – Starting at 01:46:50 – 1min
    • With no amendments offered and little to no opposition, this bill went strait to vote without discussion.

Entire Final Passage:

SHB 1615 referred to Senate Rules Committee for second reading, February 24, 2022

Track all HB 1615 related activity at the Legislative website here.

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