Expanding the students experiencing homelessness and foster youth pilot program.

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Public hearing in the House Committee on College & Workforce Development – January 10th 2022

Public Testimony is an excellent glimpse at all of the different ‘stakeholders’ that may be affected by a bill if it were to pass. Hear your fellow citizens giving public testimony for and against HB 1601. How does hearing the many aspects of an issue inform your position on the bill?

  • Staff Presentation on HB 1601 2 min.
    • Staffer reads the scope and intent of the bill along with some background information on it.
  • Testimony from the Bill Prime Sponsor 5 min.
    • Rep. Mari Leavitt presents her reasons for bringing the bill forward and answers questions from committee members.
  • Key Testimony In Support 6 min.
    • Dr. Timothy Stokes, President of South Sound Community College
  • Key Perspective in Opposition 
    • There was no testimony opposing this bill.

Full Public Hearing on HB 1601 – 45 min

Committee Executive Action in the House College & Workforce Development Committee – January 13th, 2022

After Public Testimony was heard on January 10th, Committee members provided their own opinions and considered proposed amendments to the bill. After debating and voting on amendments, a vote is taken on whether the bill should continue forward.

The committee’s final vote is another opportunity to hear any pro or con arguments for the bill, but this time, only from the committee members – not the public.

  • Staff briefs on Proposed amendments to the HB 1601 are read Starts at 1:07:35 – 1 min
    • Amendments are presented for the committee to consider
  • Committee returns from caucus to vote on the amendments Starts at 1:10:20 – 4 min
    • Hear statements from committee members on why they support or oppose the proposed amendments.
  • Debate on Committee’s final recommendation. Starts at 1:14:40 – 5 min
    • You will hear the Key Perspective In Support – from the bill’s sponsor. Starts at 1:14:40 – 1 min
    • You will also hear the Key Perspective in Opposition. Starts at 1:15:25 – 1 min
  • Roll Call Vote. 2min
    • See the voting options available to committee members. Starts at 1:17:15 – 2 min

Full Session on SHB 1601 – 12 min

HB 1601 is Dead for this session. It did not make it through its ‘House of Origin’ before the cutoff.

Track all HB 1615 related activity at the Legislative website here.

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