HB 1162 –

Concerning high school graduation credit and pathway options.

TVW Primary Source Footage:

Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Early Learning & K-12 Education – March 17th 2021

Now that HB 1162 has passed the house, it is now introduced in the Senate where citizens have a second opportunity to give public testimony for or against HB 1162 – How does this inform your stance on the bill?

  • Introduction of the bill to the Senate Committee is provided by the Committee Staffer (3 min.)
  • Rep. Stonier, Prime Sponsor of the bill presents the objectives of the bill. Starts at 00:12:49 (6 min.)
  • Committee member Q&A – Here committee members voice their support and concerns regarding the bill. Starts at 00:18;41 (4 min.)
  • Public Testimony – Citizen stakeholders weigh in with their support or opposition for the bill. This segment starts at 00:40:08 (26 min.)

House Floor Debate – February 25th 2021

Legislators provide their final opinions, support and opposition to HB 1162 before it begins its journey in the Senate Chamber.

  • Floor Debate on Final Passage is an excellent way to hear the most prominent arguments for and against a Bill.
  • The 15-minute debate on ‘Final Passage’ begins at 46:04

Public Hearing before the House Education Committee – January 25th 2021

Hear your fellow citizens giving public testimony for and against HB 1162 – How does this inform your stance on the bill?

  • Public Testimony provides an excellent glimpse at all of the different ‘stakeholders’ that may be effected by a bill if it were to pass.
  • The Public Hearing begins with a Staff Report followed by Public Testimony lead by the Prime Sponsor of the Bill.
  • 45-minute Public Hearing on HB 1162

Track all HB 1162 related activity at the Legislative website here.

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