How to find legislative video with and TVW

  1. Go to the Washington State Legislature’s website,
  2. Click on the “Bill Information” link on the left side of the page.
  3. Enter your bill number in the search box and click “Search.” This will take you to your bill’s page.
  4. In the “Bill History” section of the bill page, look for notes about committee hearings (“Public Hearing” or “Executive Session”), floor debate, or bill signings. There will most likely be TVW coverage of these events.
  5. Note the date, time, and category of the event you’re looking for (for example, “House Education Committee on 2/2 at 1:30pm” or “Senate Floor Debate on Jan 20th”) and go to TVW’s main website,
  6. Click on the search tool symbol in the upper left corner of the homepage.
  7. Then select the ‘Advanced Video Search’ option in the upper right corner.
  8. Either use the ‘Quick Select’ field’s dropdown to choose the date range for the event you seek, or fill in the ‘Start Date’ and ‘End Date’ fields to get more exact. Next, in the ‘Categories’ field you can select the committee your event was scheduled in. Finally, you can put your bill number in the ‘Search’ Field’ but only enter the bill’s numbers and not the SB or HB.
  9. On the event video page, scan through the video to find the start of your bill’s proceedings. Look at the lower third identification in the video to find your bill number. Note: some webcasts will not have lower third IDs and might take longer to find the start of your bill’s proceedings.

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