What is Capitol Classroom Plus?

Capitol Classroom PLUS is a more flexible alternative to Capitol Classroom. Like the original, Capitol Classroom PLUS centers around a lobbyist tracking actual bills through the legislative session and students are guided through the process while learning how it all really works. The difference is that rather than scheduled Zoom meetings, the sessions are divided up into three content streams to better fit your curriculum schedule and share across your multiple classes.

Meet your Lobbyist: Your Guide through the Legislative Session

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We offer two lobbyist guided tracks, one designed for middle school and another for high school. The heart of each track is our lobbyist guide who gives updates and insights into the life of a bill as it journeys through the legislative process. Along the way students learn the importance of researching evidence & facts, the value of civil discourse and the wisdom of compromise. Ultimately, students will discover that the public has a role in the legislative process and that their voice matters.

Civics 101 in 120 seconds(ish)

Parliamentarian Mike Hoover covers the nuts and bolts of the legislative processes in his series called Civics 101 in 120 seconds(ish). He covers topics from fiscal committees to decorum on the Senate Floor. Civics 101 is made to accompany both the middle school and high school tracks.

Legislative Navigator

Lobbyist Melissa Gombosky, aka the Legislative Navigator, has created videos explaining how to access essential tools on the Washington State legislative website, for the public to participate in the process. She covers everything from how to look up a bill, to how to find your legislator. The Legislative Navigator also is part of both the middle school and high school content streams.

But Wait, There’s More!


We realize many teachers’ class schedules don’t allow for teaching about the legislature while it is in session, so we also offer interim oriented lesson plans. These deliver the same content streams with pre-recorded lobbyist discussions on the bill they are tracking, accompanied by Civics 101 and the Legislative Navigator, along with lesson plans that provide links to the relevant legislative events in that bill’s life, such as pro and con public testimonies, executive actions and floor debates. The difference is that these lessons are aimed at reflecting on the outcomes and connecting with the legislature during the interim, outside of the legislative session.

See samples of our interim offerings:

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