Lightbox button test

Added the lightbox ‘classes’ code into the Custom WP Button code – the result is that the button doesn’t open the form…

Adding lightbox embed code into the ‘Custom HTML’ block editor – The result doesn’t appear as a button, but rather a hyperlink:

CC+ Lesson Plan Download – Teacher Access Form

Jotform IT help:

  1. paste the jotform lighbox embed code into a custom html block editor
  2. add the WordPress button code wp-block-button__link to the classes in the jotform code:
    1. It should look like this:
 <a class="wp-block-button__link btn lightbox-222197172368158" style="margin-top: 16px">
        Access Interim Curriculum Kit

This succeeded in making the WP button appear and work, but the lightbox pop up is glitchy – it pops up as it should but the box is empty until you give up waiting for the form to load and click on the close button in the top right corner… only then do I see the form populate and it works.

The other problem is that once you fill out the form and hit submit, the thank you popup doesn’t appear. the box just goes blank like it started…

Access Interim Curriculum Kit

Jotform Lightbox embed code(un-modified ) pasted into custom HTML block

CC+ Lesson Plan Download – Teacher Access Form

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